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Redid site... again ::

So I redid my website again (big surprise) but I think I'm okay with it for now. This time I decided I wanted another static site generator, but the ones out there either had a lot of auto configuration or features I didn't really need. So I figured I'd make my own, and add features myself as I need them. One place I got inspiration for this is the Rust blog.

Finished my first REU ::

Last Friday I finished by first research experience for undergraduates (REU)! I learned about quantum transfer methods on graphs and quantum computation. The final draft for the project can be found here (if that link is gone, please email me for a copy). I had the great pleasure to work with Whitney Drazen (our advisor) and Noble Mushtak on this project! Read more for a bit of a rushed summary.

Starting a blog ::

I decided to start a blog of sorts, in order to track my learning and experiments. It'll probably be more for my own record keeping, but who knows! :)