I've been getting a little interested in philosophy and related topics lately. It pretty much all goes over my head, but I think it's fun to learn new things. Plus I wanted to write more so I now have an excuse.

I recently picked up a copy of Ethics: The Essential Writings by Gordon Marino. The book is an anthology of important works in the study of ethics. The first selected reading is Plato's Euthyphro. The work is a discussion between Socrates and Euthyphro, a proclaimed religious man. For a summary, this SEP section.I've used the SEP before briefly for more mathematical reads. It seems like a good source I'll have to use more often.

Well, being a very inexperienced/untrained student of philosophy, I don't think I can bring any useful insight here.I have no clue, this is basically my first foray into learning philosophy besides reading the occasional Wikipedia page... Euthyphro was fun to read though, and gave a little demonstration of the Socratic method. Following the tricky arguments to their ultimately contradictory conclusion took a few reads back-and-forth. I wonder if putting the argument into a symbolic logic format would be a cool exercise.